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power closing boot camp

- Are you experiencing low close rates?  Less than desired revenue?

- Long sales cycles and/or unreliable revenue forecasts?

- Unsure whether to invest in more marketing or perhaps upgrade your sales team altogether?

- Thinking of buying a new CRM tool in hopes it is the panacea you need?


Perhaps your sales team just needs



Join our next POWER CLOSING BOOT CAMP where your reps will learn how to increase close rates by 20% or more by....

  • GETTING REAL with their prospects and getting 100% IN SYNC
  • GETTING REAL with you and themselves on their CURRENT PIPELINE 
  • Getting to THE REAL WHY a prospect is buying, OR EXITING unproductive opportunities gracefully
  • Progressing deals WITH PURPOSE, rather than using hope as a strategy
  • Becoming EQUAL to their prospects and NEGOTIATING with AUTHORITY

Through our 13 week program of Group Learning, Homework Assignments, 1-1 Coaching and Live Role-Playing your team will learn STEP-BY-STEP how a lot of what they've been taught about selling is just plain wrong, and how to gain more INSIGHT, INFLUENCE and CONTROL in moving REAL DEALS forward, and to STOP SPINNING WHEELS on tire kickers and prospects not really ready or able to buy.

Don't miss out on our next class!

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