The McCullough Group is an advisory service focused on helping companies transform their sales function to meet the changing demands of today's B-to-B reality. With a people-first approach, the McCullough Group helps small to medium sized firms take revenue growth to the next level through assessment, coaching and advisory services.











what we believe

The McCullough Group was founded on a single core principal that drives everything we do:


In an increasingly automated world people are still the critical difference between success and mediocrity. People drive the engagement, innovation, and solutions the world needs.




This is especially true of SALESPEOPLE and anyone else with revenue responsibilities. They are the lifeblood of B2B business. 

However the world is changing incredibly fast. Simple products and services are being procured online, without human intervention at all. Buyers of more complex solutions are more empowered with information than ever, and as a result they are less likely to engage until they are good and ready. It’s more difficult to break through and reach real decision makers, especially at critical moments in their buying journey. Competitive advantage has a shorter half-life and differentiation is more difficult as a result. Sales cycles are getting longer. Win rates are shrinking.

Selling has never been harder.


A shift is happening that can no longer be denied. 

In this new world only the best, with well-honed skills, will survive and thrive. 





The world is changing and sales teams must ADAPT to a new set of ground rules. And change will not slow down, it will only accelerate. In response, PERSONAL GROWTH must be a constant focus for the individual seller, and CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT must be a constant focus for the enterprise.


The frictionless proliferation of information is making TRUST the reserve currency of business. Old manipulations and “techniques” must give way to HONEST ENGAGEMENT and a true SPIRIT OF SERVICE. The emperor’s clothes cannot stay on for long in a social media driven world.


Transactional purchases are being automated by technology, creating a need for sellers to focus more on COMPLEX purchases. Buyers know that simple problems can be solved with the click of a mouse. DEEP ENGAGEMENT is needed to help buyers think through and determine the best approach for solving their most complex problems.

The role of the salesperson must be elevated beyond simply proposing products and highlighting their capabilities and competitive differences.

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Buyer Focus

While there are many terrific Sales Methodologies in the world, we believe the most important thing is to understand the Buyer’s Journey and be able to map your sales process to the decision process the buyer is undertaking. This becomes especially true as buyers become more and more informed, creating a need for Marketing and Sales to be joined at the hip. 

Marketing has long understood how a buyer start in a "Status Quo" state where they are unaware that they have a challenge or opportunity that could be solved by your solution. Once “Awareness" begins to take shape in their mind this leads to active “Consideration" and then ideally to “Decision". Along the way they are asking themselves key questions that morph and change as the progress along this decision process. 

Sales teams need to have an understanding of this rather predictable and known buying cycle and be in sync with Marketing so together they can effectively map their strategies and actions to the particular stage of the journey the buyer is on. 


The McCullough Group meets the changing selling landscape with services designed to continually challenge and assist your sales teams and managers in growing their skills to meet the new reality. Our key offerings are:




In delivering these services we maintain a relentless focus on the key fundamentals needed to thrive in the Information Age. 

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We have found that the right attitudes are dynamic pairs that must continually be balanced for optimum success. When these are out of balance bad things can happen. 

Persistence & Patience 

Optimism & Objectivity

Service & Leadership

It’s easy to say that salespeople should be persistent, optimistic and service oriented. But those attitudes often get out of balance. Too much persistence can alienate clients at a critical time in their buying process, which can be very difficult to overcome later. Too much optimism can allow a salesperson to miss key signals or details that should be investigated before moving forward to the next step. Being to service oriented can unbalance the relationship and make quid pro quo agreements difficult or impossible and can reduce the value delivered to the client by failing to challenge their assumptions.

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We believe that a new set of optimum selling behaviors in emerging. These behaviors go way beyond being well liked and able to describe your products and services. They include next order behaviors that are much more valuable in complex selling environments where trust and deep engagement are what sets winners apart. These emergent behaviors include:


Bringing insight

Deep listening


Quid pro quo



Social selling

Technology enablement

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Effective sellers make and keep commitments; to themselves first and then to their clients and employers. We believe the kinds of commitments that salespeople make and keep are important barometers for the success they will have. As such, it’s important to measure regularly and help them stay accountable to the promises they’ve made. Critical commitments include:

Continual learning

Time management




Follow up

Internal communication

Ongoing improvement 


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I’m Steve McCullough and I love sales.
Engaging, building relationships, challenging and being challenged, learning, growing, succeeding and failing. All of it! And I love working with salespeople. It’s a people business after all, isn’t it? I believe that a top tier sales team can and should be a company’s number one competitive advantage.
I believe that success in sales is about aligning to the buyer and the journey they are on. Meet them where they are. Serve them, guide them, inform and challenge them. Help them be better. Really help!
It’s as much science as an art. Work a process, think about what you’re doing. Make it a practice. Learn to be better and then let the magic - the art - happen naturally.
I like to challenge sales people to think beyond their current mindset and approach. Really challenge them to take another look at how and what they’re doing. Coaching is like selling. I believe in meeting the individual where they are and then serve, guide, inform and challenge them to being better. It’s really the same process as selling but with a different type of client.
I love to play to win, even when I don’t. I like to be challenged. If I’m not growing I’m dying.
God is my boss and my wife is my best friend. Music is second. My son is the reason I work hard, and friends and family keep my feet on the ground.
- Steve


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